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BrainBit NeuroFit

* Please note that Brainbit Neurofit Psychocorrection device is not available for sale into Canada.

System in use

BrainBit NeuroFit psychocorrection system is used in psychology and cognitive remediation for:

  • training clients to easier and faster enter the state of relaxation;
  • eliminating insomnia, headaches, and other psychosomatic disorders;
  • improving focus and concentration ability;
  • conducting psychophysiological trainings and functional disturbance correction for managing a wide range of neurological conditions.

Recommended indications

1. The training courses are created for prevention and elimination various psycho-emotional disorders among adults and children of 5+ years old:

  • ADHD;
  • neurosis,aggressive and impulsive behavior;
  • attention deficiency, difficulty adapting to new environment ;
  • speech delay,dyslexia, dysgraphia, acalculia;
  • phobias and social isolation among peers;
  • insomnia, depression;
  • migraines, chronic headaches;
  • Asperger and Tourette syndrome prevention.


2. For clients with no symptoms of disorders the courses will help:

  • improve mental health;
  • reduce stress and chronic fatigue;
  • control emotions and enhance creativity;
  • improve memory and focus capacity.

Results from training with BrainBit NeuroFit system

  1. Increased learning ability among students.
  2. Enhanced intellectual activity, creativity and accuracy in performance under stress among health people.
  3. Recovering reading, writing, and calculating ability (for example, in post-stroke condition).
  4. Improved mental condition.