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Other areas of use

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The data that BrainBit gathers from your brain activity can be converted in different ways and applied to numerous
spheres and industries.

Online Dating

“Listen to your heart” is not enough. Listen to your brain and swipe based on your instinctive reaction.

Social Media

Automatically broadcast your mood to your social media page - or add a mood indicator to a post.


BrainBit takes gaming experience onto a whole new level: intercepting brain signals and measuring focus level can make your mind an integral part of the game.

Social Competition

Want to know who’s the happiest in the room? Or who’s most focused on the task? Use BrainBit to find out.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Brain signal can be used for enabling and controlling technology: BrainBit gathers insight necessary for making brain-computer interfaces work.


Collecting neuroinsight allows revealing the subconscious reaction of consumers and enhancing results of market research.

Auto Safety

Monitoring tiredness and analyzing ability to focus helps to predict whether it is safe to drive or it’s better to stay in the passenger seat.