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Areas of business

Today, products based on EEG technologies are venturing into totally new industries and finding more uses - from medical to entertainment and business-related tasks. Support your business with EEG-driven data.

Industries where the work of personnel with a high mental load or a high degree of independent decision-making is necessary.

Investments and stock market


Entertainment and Education

Incorporate EEG technology into your business will help

  • To analyze and better understand brain behaviors of employees
  • Build data-driven predictions
  • Streamline business processes to boost efficiency and quality of work
  • Providing businesses with science-backed evidence
  • To support your business with EEG-driven data
  • Use insights into the brain to enhance your business
The Impulse Neiry
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The Impulse Neiry is a startup that creates educative brain-controlled VR games. We implemented BrainBit’s patented dry electrodes into their neuroheadset Neiry to make it user friendly and comfortable to wear. Neiry headset is used with high-tech games for kids and adults that develop cognitive abilities.

BrainRap BrainBit
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BrainRap BrainBit offers a proprietary algorithm for writing rap texts through brain signals. A number of high-profile celebrity rap artists are using BrainRap to record new songs via BrainRap Records. The first artists to be announced as faces of the new technology are Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated artist and budding tech entrepreneur Maino, and founding member of NWA, the legendary group that shaped the founding of hip hop, Arabian Prince.

Mani144 Team
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We started working with Mani144 team of trader brokers that created a multifunctional robot assistant on developing a headband that will help brokers to make a decision. Imagine that broker wears a BrainBit at work, and his brain activity is recorded and analyzed, and the artificial intelligence helps to facilitate successful deals.

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