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Smart EEG Headband

Some time ago, EEG (electroencephalogram) was only used for medical purposes. Today’s technological advance allows us to use EEG in many more ways: from individual brain activity monitoring to enhancing our routine in daily activities.

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Designed for easy and comfortable daily use, BrainBit headband brings reliable insight on brain activity using medical-grade biosensors. The device, created by a team of scientists with more than 25 years of experience in professional medical equipment engineering, is easy to set up and perfect for wearing for a long time. How to wear

Technical Overview:

  • 4 EEG Channels & 2 Reference Sensors
  • 250 Hz / Channel Sampling Rate
  • Noise Cancellation
  • 12 Hour Active Battery
  • 4.0 LE Bluetooth Connectivity


Device Overview:

With 4 dry electrodes, 1 reference and 1 common sensor, BrainBit achieves higher spatial resolution on brain activity than any available device in the consumer market.

The system turns analog EEG signals from the electrodes into digital data and transfers it to the Bluetooth connected device: a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

Unlike other consumer devices, BrainBit follows international 10 – 20 electrode placement protocol, with electrodes mounted inside the headband. Each electrode makes direct contact at the T3 and T4 temporal lobe regions as well as at the O1 and O2 occipital lobe regions.

According to current research and international best practices, these specific regions provide the best access to high-fidelity signals for the four main types of brain waves. BrainBit headband monitors electrical activity produced by cortical regions of the brain and records the activity as raw EEG data which can be processed for user readability.

Innovation Sustained through Proprietary Technologies


Lightweight and ergonomic design allows to wear BrainBit in the daytime and during sleep.

Medical Quality EEG

The headband features the highest quality dry electrodes and components.

Development Tools

Proprietary SDK and APIs for creation of 3rd party apps and integration with hardware and software partners.

Cloud Computing

All neural response data is gathered in proprietary BrainBit Cloud for Data Mining and Machine Learning Analysis.

White Label

BrainBit EEG headband can be rebranded and produced within partner’s brand identity.

Multiple ways to use

BrainBit gathers data that can be used in different areas including wellness and mindfulness.

Areas of Use

Large Variety of Areas Where BrainBit Can Be Effectively Used

Meditation & Stress Release

Neurofeedback triggers are provided in real-time to strengthen individuals’ meditation sessions.


Neurofeedback is used to analyze sleep patterns and explore optimal sleeping conditions.

Focus Training & Education

Training your brain in the same as training your body.


Online Dating, E-sports, Social Competiton, Sports, BCI, Neuromarketing, Automobile and Industry Safety, Social Media.

Сreate Applications with BrainBit

No piece of hardware is complete without software powering it. The BrainBit SDK contains a number of toolkits for software developers to utilize as they intertact with inbound raw EEG data. The SDK facilitates the process of performing complicated neural response interpretation and analysis into a simpler process in which neurofeedback is presented as simple indicators for interpretation.

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