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The Evolution in Consumer EEG Wearables

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Everything your head needs

Everything your head needs

The amazing EEG-headband concept

Intelligently designed for extended use and comfort, the BrainBit headband features medical grade biosensors that deliver accurate and reliable insights into the electrical activity of the brain.


Every living being has a brain that emanates electromagnetic waves. These signals have been known to science since 1849, and when recorded by specialists, the results are called electroencephalograms (EEG). We have designed and produced professional electroencephalographs for over 25 years. Until recently, this was a rather conservative industry, fulfilling a narrow set of needs: diagnosis of brain abnormalities and diseases.

However, the last decade’s scientific advances allow us to speak of a neurotechnological revolution,
owing to new progress in microelectronics, medicine, brain-mapping, programming and data analysis.

The expert consensus is that over the course of the next decade–with the help of computerized neurointerfaces like BrainBit–humans will be able to guide and shape their emotional state of mind. The global market in neurotechnologies is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2035, making neurointerfaces as widespread as computer keyboards and touch screen phones.

Technology. How does it work?

Technology. How does it work?

Technical Overview:

  • 4 EEG Channels & 2 Reference Sensors
  • 24 ADC Bits
  • 250 Hz / Channel Sampling Rate
  • Noise Cancellation
  • 12 Hour Active Battery
  • 4.0 LE Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Internal Battery, providing up to 12 hours of duration

Device Overview:

BrainBit offers 4 EEG dry electrodes, 1 reference and 1 common sensor, achieving a higher spatial resolution on brain activity than any available device on the consumer market.

The system digitizes analogue EEG signals collected by electrodes, amplifies them via Bluetooth connectivity, and transfers the physiological brain data of individuals to a dedicated host computer, mobile device, or cloud backend.

In contrast with analogous devices, BrainBit follows the international 10 – 20 electrode placement protocol, with electrodes mounted inside the headband. Each electrode makes direct contact at the T3 and T4 temporal lobe regions as well as at the O1 and O2 occipital lobe regions. According to current research and international best practices, these specific regions provide the best access to high-fidelity signals for the four main types of brain waves. The BrainBit headband monitors electrical activity that is produced from the cortical regions of the brain and records the activity as raw EEG data. For user readability, this data is presented as wavelengths across four different frequency channels representing unique mental conditions.

Innovation Sustained through Proprietary Technologies


The headband is designed for elegance, featuring a lightweight and ergonomic design leveraging decades of proven research and experience from industry-leading industrial designers.

Medical Quality EEG

Highest Quality dry electrode technology and components built into the next generation of smart headwear.

FDA Application

Approved for Health Canada Medical Device License (MDL)

FDA 510(k) in process for United States

Two patents pending for EEG headband and dry electrodes.

Development Tools

Proprietary SDK and APIs allowing for creation of 3rd party apps and integration with hardware and software partners.

Cloud Computing

All neural response data acquired is sent to proprietary BrainBit Cloud for Data Mining and Machine Learning Analysis.

“Your Product”

Configurable build of BrainBit EEG headband and technologies allows for strategic rebranding and repurposing of device.

BrainBit – Areas of Use

Large Variety of Areas Where BrainBit Can Be Effectively Used

Health and Wellness

Users monitor neurofeedback across various activities and contexts while proactively regulating healthy mental and behavioral patterns.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

EEG technologies create a more immersive experience for users of VR, extending capabilities for mind-controlling interactions within VR and AR environments.

Sleep Patterns

Neurofeedback is used to analyze sleep patterns and explore optimal sleeping conditions.


Neurofeedback triggers are provided in real-time to strengthen individuals’ meditation sessions.

Transportation Safety

Real-time neurofeedback can be used in understanding how the environmental factors such as time of day, road conditions and task at hand affect driving abilities.


Neurofeedback enables professional and amateur gamers to make incremental improvements in high performance training and competitive sessions.

Connect to any smartphone

If you own any mobile device, you have probably dealt with the hassle of connecting a new gadget with Bluetooth for the first time. With BrainBit we devote special attention to this issue, and our tests show that 86% of smartphones successfully interface with the headband and its app.

The basic app has the ability to unpack EEG waves, associating them with several different moods and states of mind. This enables the user to track their psychological and emotional status during various types of activity and then analyze the findings using the HDT Cloud’s user-specific statistics and Big Data capabilities. The HDT Cloud is the largest archive of EEG data on the market, armed with automated diagnostics, powered by AI and Machine Learning.

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Connect to any smartphone

BrainBit in HDT cloud infrastructure

HDT provides Data analytic solutions to the healthcare, sports, and consumer markets. Physiological data is stored on a proprietary cloud platform where we run advanced artificial intelligencе algorithms to discover deep insights into users’ behavior and cognitive state.

BrainBit in HDT cloud infrastructure
BrainBit in HDT cloud infrastructure

Flexibility, Openness, Inspiration

Products developed on the basis of BrainBit’s algorithms and hardware, in collaboration with our partners. As the foundation is to a well-built house, these BrainBit peripherals rest on the same basis of solid engineering as the rest of our offerings in design and marketing.

Flexibility, Openness, Inspiration Flexibility, Openness, Inspiration

Estimated price of headband for sleep and relaxation – $199

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Flexibility, Openness, Inspiration

Headphones with built-in EEG sensors, designed specifically for rapidly-developing industries such as VR, AR and E-sports. Players can learn to control their emotions and combat stress with the help of specially developed biofeedback games and exercises.

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Flexibility, Openness, Inspiration

The concept for this remarkable development is laid out in more detail by our video:

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Become a developer. Download BrainBit SDK

No piece of hardware is optimal without software powering it. The BrainBit SDK contains a number of toolkits for software developers to utilize as they interact with inbound raw EEG data. The SDK facilitates the process of performing complicated neural response interpretation and analysis into a simpler process in which neurofeedback is presented as simple indicators for interpretation:

Qualitative Indicators:

The application displays the user brain state across a spectrum of categories including: Stress/Relaxation, Attention/Distraction, Happiness/Sadness, and Sleep/Awake.

Quantitative Indicators:

The application displays the user brain state on a ranged scale of 0 to 100. This type of indicator provides a scaled approach for quantifying the magnitude of the human brain state. Example: an indicator of stress is quantified with the value score of 80 out of 100, helping the user understand to what degree their stress level indicates.

Graphical Indicators:

The application display a user’s brain state based on color outputs, such as Red, Yellow, and Green. These graphical indicators supplement the qualitative and quantitative indicators demonstrating the magnitude of a brain state. Example: an indicator of stress is reinforced with the color red, indicating a high level of stress for the user.

Sleep. Logo

This newly-developed device allows the user to precisely assess the quality of a night’s sleep. EEG analysis is traditionally used to identify sleep cycles, with the most interesting phase being REM sleep, when a person dreams. It is thought that an audiovisual signal sent to a person via EEG device during REM sleep can trigger lucid dreaming. The sleeper can then gain creative control over their own dreams; learning to fly; defy gravity and visit far-off lands. This phenomenon is still not entirely understood; maybe you will be the one to discover the method or develop the app for lucid dreaming.

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