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Whitelabel solution
from BrainBit

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Partner with BrainBit to сreate a Whitelabel EEG headband

Whitelabel solution from BrainBit will help you boost your product, strengthen your brand and boost sales.
BrainBit custom products are perfect for multiple spheres, including:

Meditation and sleep-tracking apps development

Neurofeedback and
brain science centers

Medical and chiropractic practices

Yoga and meditation centers

How does whitelabel work

How does whitelabel work?

Creating BrainBit powered products, you get your own new, totally customized product available for your customers - without extra spendings.

We handle the research, product development, and manufacturing so you don’t have to. This provides you quality control, low setup cost, and high profit margins.


  • Expand your product line
  • Provide extra value for your customers
  • Create an additional source of revenue
  • Strengthen your own brand
  • Deliver products of higher quality at a lower cost

Here’s our standard model

Minimum quantity: 1,000 pieces

Price: available upon request

Production time: 3–6 months

Setup fee: available upon request

We strive to create perfect conditions for our partners and will be happy to adjust to your needs if the standard model doesn’t suit you!

Whitelabel in six simple steps

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For example, if you are developing a meditation app and want to add value for your customers by providing more insights, you can offer them to get an eeg headband that will give scientific proof to their results: and it will come under your brand! This will also help you increase your brand awareness and differentiate from competitors.

Get your branded BrainBit!

Contact us today to get started: info@brainbit.com

We will build your EEG headset for you!

If you want to add more channels to your headband or use specific materials or design, we will be happy to build your own BrainBit based device. Tell us about it!




BrainBit SDK

Brainbit SDK is created for developing apps using biopotential data.

  • The BrainBit SDK contains a number of toolkits for software developers to utilize as they interact with inbound raw EEG data.
  • The SDK facilitates the process of performing complicated neural response interpretation and analysis into a simpler process in which neurofeedback is presented as simple indicators for interpretation.
  • A set of libraries for different operating systems and platforms providing a full set of tools needed for configuring and receiving data from Brainbit device. This software development kit consists of portable core written on C++17 and number of wrappers for different languages and platforms: Java for Android operating system, Objective-C++ for iOS/MacOS, C# for Windows.