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BrainBit NeuroFit

* Please note that Brainbit Neurofit Psychocorrection device is not available for sale into Canada.

Сreated in collaboration with Lilia Sukhotska, PsyD, director of NOO-psychosomatics and biofeedback institute (Lublin, Poland)

Biofeedback is clinically proven, effective, painless, drug-free method for psychological and psychosomatic disorders management.

The method: client’s brain biorhythms responsible for psycho-emotional state are recorded, interpreted, and then displayed as a «mind-controlled» game based on focus and relaxation rates.

The system includes vast variety of games, which is excellent for all age groups!

The method aims to help people learn better self-adjustment and self-control in shorter time, effectively, and without side-effects.

How it works

The system requires two separate monitors:

  • main for the psychologist to operate the software and control data variability;
  • additional for the client to see the gamified interpretation of brain activity.


  1. Comfy and stretchy headband registers brain activity data in real time and transfers it to the computer.
  2. The signal is processed and displayed on specialist’s screen in the form of easy to comprehend diagrams and numbers, while the clients see a game motivating them to achieve training goals.
  3. The psychologist sets target parameters for focus and relaxation for the client to achieve through the gaming process.
  4. After the Biofeedback session is over, the software allows to create a report that illustrates performance effectiveness.

Advantages for psychologists

  1. Great competitive advantage.
  2. Professional approach.
  3. Easy and comfortable use.
  4. Affordable price for highly effective solution.

The system is not a medical device and cannot be used for diagnosing mental condition.