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MINDO headband
by brainbit

Who is MINDO created for?

MINDO is created for both children and adults.

For healthy and full of interest people the device is needed to:

  • improve mental state;
  • reduce stress and chronic fatigue;
  • control emotions, increase creativity;
  • improve memory and increase concentration.



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Concentration training gives excellent results in problems with learning ability, creativity and accuracy of tasks, activates intellectual activity increasing the level of attention, memory and cognitive capabilities of the psyche. The training is useful when organizing new knowledge (for example, learning foreign languages, preparing for exams). The main goal is to learn to concentrate on the task at hand. An electroencephalogram (EEG) reflects the activity of the brain in the form of electrical impulses. MINDO processes the received EEG data and emits beta waves that characterize the state of active wakefulness, increased attention and mental tension. Brain activity data is presented in an accessible game form. This is a mechanism for encouraging the formation of concentration skills. You are invited to control the game objects or the actions of the characters by changing your state of will.


Quick relax

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Training is used to relieve everyday psycho-emotional overwork, increase the body's adaptation reserve to the constant lack of time, stressful situations in the professional, financial, family and personal spheres. Regular training allows you to learn how to control yourself, switch from disturbing thoughts and feelings to an atmosphere of calm and peace. The training is based on recording certain indicators of the bioelectrical activity of the cerebral cortex - an electroencephalogram (EEG). During such an EEG training, you learn to consciously and quickly relax, immerse yourself in a cozy atmosphere of calmness and ease, thus eliminating the possible negative consequences of chronic stress and overwork. The data of brain activity are presented in an accessible form. This is an incentive mechanism for the formation of deep and fast relaxation skills.


Fight anxiety

#Tension #Anxiety

The training is created to eliminate problems associated with chronic feelings of anxiety, fear, and excessive emotions before important events (most often, for no apparent reason). Regular training allows you to eliminate feelings of excitement, develop natural skills and body regulation mechanisms to resist excessive tension and nervousness, irritability and anxiety, which contributes to improving the quality of life. The training is based on the registration of certain indicators of the cerebral cortex bioelectric activity - electroencephalogram (EEG). In the course of such EEG training, you learn to consciously and quickly manage your psychoemotional state under stress and effectively deal with its negative consequences.


Stress reduction 

#Irritability #Stress

The training is created to increase stress tolerance and acquire the skills of emotional self-regulation and effective control of the psychoemotional state in conditions of chronic stress. Regular training allows you to learn how to cope with stressful situations and their negative consequences. The training is based on the registration of certain indicators of the cerebral cortex bioelectric activity - electroencephalogram (EEG). During this EEG training, you learn to consciously and effectively manage the level of stress, and quickly reduce it creating a favorable psychological climate. The training allows you to acquire rational skills and techniques for reducing emotional stress in a playful way. This is an important step on the way to calm perception and correct assessment of stressful situations.


Brain Monitoring

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EEG Waves record brain activity rhythms in real-time and provide neurofeedback training easily. In the app you can listen to pure waves that will stimulate your concentration, meditation or relaxation and track brain biorhythms on a graph. Thus, you are able to check and control your state of mind. This technology can be used by researchers, psychologists, hipnologists, coaches in work or research. This opens up an incredibly wide range of opportunities for those who love to study the brain and its behavior, keep statistics, help people and improve the quality of life.

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