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MINDO headband
by brainbit

MINDO is the first B2C product for neurofeedback by BrainBit

The system involves the use of a mobile application with the BrainBit neural interface. The application visualizes the activity of brain rhythms in the form of a game situation to control the objects while playing, video sequence or background music. In the process of the game, conditioned reflex training of the nervous system occurs, it is called neurofeedback. Such training is a neurotherapeutic technique aimed at training various brain functions.

Neurofeedback training helps you to learn how to meditate, quickly relax, get rid of stress, fall asleep or concentrate using built-in protocols, as well as get statistics, new levels and achievements.

MINDO is a wireless EEG headband with dry electrodes. The device is very comfortable and soft that will help you to properly tune in to work with your mind and will not draw you away from the process.


*MINDO is a non-medical product and not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure.

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