For developers

MINDO headband
by brainbit

See how easy it is to use MINDO

  1. Turn on your MINDO and launch the application after installing it on your phone.
  2. Put MINDO on your head.
  3. Choosing your sector to improve (concentration, meditation, relaxation, etc.). The description of the technique gives you complete information about the process, the recommended duration of the session and the necessary actions to achieve a positive result.
  4. Select the desirable  game from the available list.
  5. Calibration process. The application searches for the device and starts signal registration.
  6. Now you are playing the game. During the game, the application will collect data on brain activity and change the game situation, motivating you to achieve the set training goal.
  7. At the end of the session, you have access to statistics and training results.
  8. Feel upgraded.
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