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BrainBit Software

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EEG Signal Recording Software*

BrainBit neuro interface is integrated with professional system for registering and analyzing EEG which allows registering raw EEG data, apply filters, conduct spectrum analysis, heatmapping, flag events and artifacts, export data in EDF and CSV files.

Combining BrainBit’s comfort and usability with professional-level software opens up new opportunities for researchers in Neuromarketing, Neuromanagement, and other brain activity studies.

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*BrainBit is not a medical device and cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or for medical purposes.
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BrainBit NeuroFit System for Psychologists

What is it: this wireless neuro training device is a headband that records brain biorhythms on-line and allows psycho-emotional correction using a special biofeedback based software.

In combination with Biofeedback, BrainBit NeuroFit has been successfully used in psychology and modern cognitive behavioral therapy.

Biofeedback aims to help people learn better self-adjustment and self-control in shorter time, effectively, and without side-effects.

The system includes vast variety of games, which is especially great for children.

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NeuroFit System includes:

  • large game library
  • ready-made training courses
  • reports templates

BrainBit Demo App

BrainBit Demo App

In order to show the capacity of BrainBit neurointerface and its Software Developer Kit (SDK), we have created a free demo application available for Android users. iOS version of the app is currently being developed.

The application allows you to:
  • connect to BrainBit,
  • receive a raw signal,
  • calculate the spectrum, basic EEG rhythms indexes and heatmapping.

Demo app also shows you the possibility to calculate user's current emotional state, their level of focus, stress, meditation and relaxation, as well as an example sleep tracking functionality including sleep stage and quality.

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MINDO and Neurofeedback App

MINDO is a consumer EEG headband with Neurofeedback App created for self-regulation training sets prepared by specialists. Neurofeedback training with MINDO helps you to control the brain rhythms at will and change your state of mind using built-in protocols, as well as get statistics, new levels and achievements.

The application visualizes the activity of brain rhythms in the form of a game situation to control the objects while playing, video sequence or background music.

MINDO and Neurofeedback app is used to:

  • improve mental state
  • reduce stress and chronic fatigue
  • control emotions, increase creativity
  • improve memory
  • increase concentration level
  • train skills of quick relaxation
  • control of the emotional state

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