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brain rhythms monitor

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Areas of use

1. Coaching

BrainWave allows professional coaches to evaluate the effectiveness of coaching sessions per the goals of the learner.

One of the evaluation criteria is the analysis of changes in the β-rhythm parameter (reflects the level of concentration of attention) during the training.

The evaluation method depends on the goals of the coach and allows you to analyze the impact on the client.

2. Meditation

BrainWave helps to understand the degree of relaxation in the process of performing meditation techniques.

For example, the level of the predominance of the Alpha (α)-rhythm indicates the achievement of a state of relaxation and high Theta(θ)-rhythm indicates the high degree of deep meditation. Also you can evaluate the time to reach a meditative state and improve your results from session to session.

3. Hypnology

Hypnosis (trance) is a state of deep focus and concentration. Hypnosis comes in many forms and is achieved in various ways.

But, in any case, there are certain stages of entering a trance state, and each stage corresponds to a certain ratio of brain biorhythms.

Using BrainWave solution, a hypnologist can determine the stage of a client's hypnotic trance and track the level of hypnosis by analyzing the dynamics of changes, for example, Theta(θ)-rhythm.

4. HR management and stress management

HR management is an integral part of an organization's quality management systems.

The BrainWave system allows you to quickly assess the staff, in the field of analyzing the stress resistance of employees, the ability to quickly enter a state of relaxation in stressful situations and return to work.

5. Research

The brain keeps lots of exciting secrets and you can explore how its activity responds to external impact. BrainWave allows to record and compare sessions for different subjects and also export RAW EEG data to EDF or CSV files.