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Brainbit EEG
Registration System



BrainBit system with professional software for registering and analyzing EEG allows monitoring encephalography signal, applying digital filters, as well as conducting spectrum and correlation analysis and data heatmapping.

The device amplifies the signal, converts it into digital data, and transmits it to software via Bluetooth LE.

Spheres of application for BrainBit system with EEG software

BrainBit system with EEG software is designed for:

  • monitoring brain activity displayed as raw EEG signal forming data sheets in EDF and CSV formats for further processing;
  • studying brain reaction for neuromarketing research (with sufficient expertise);
  • registering and analyzing EEG parameters for identifying disorders (with sufficient expertise);
  • visualizing distribution of biorhythm indicators for defining effective meditation enhancement methods;
  • conducting scientific research and experimentation.

Main advantages of BrainBit system with EEG software

  1. Easy and convenient use.

    All you need to do to start your research is to put the headband on and launch an app on your laptop.

  2. Professional approach.

    Registering true EEG data with the best signal quality available in the neuro interface market.

  3. Affordable price.

    Reasonable price from manufacturer among professional EEG registration devices.