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Meditate and release stress
with BrainBit

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BrainBit helps you reach desired relaxation

Measure stress and relaxation levels

Find out how to relieve stress effectively

Monitor how your mindstate changes in the process

Explore your own ways to meditate

Aiming to relax properly, you should explore your starting point first and see what your brain has to say. BrainBit clears away the cloud over your head.

Converting EEG data to calm your mind


BrainBit registers raw EEG data and defines α and β rythms. Alfa-activity is most demonstrated in calm and relaxed state of mind, while beta always goes along with focus, mental effort, and stress. The balance between those rhythms allows to determine brain’s “work mode”.


The device needs a little time to learn user’s normal state, after which it can be used for meditation and stress release.

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