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Biofeedback Mobile

* Please note that Biofeedback Mobile application is not available for sale into Canada.


Biofeedback therapy is a modern drug-free method of cognitive recovery based on the principle of developing personal ability for voluntary change of physiological EEG parameters by providing activity feedback.

Electroencephalographic biocontrol is necessary to enhance the ability to focus and control emotional activity.

Neurofeedback Mobile App uses BrainBit to monitor brain rhythms and gamifies activity: you can control a video sequence or background music. Biofeedback training allows you to learn how to meditate, quickly fall asleep, or focus better using in-app methods right from your smartphone: getting statistics, new levels, and achievements.

In other words, BrainBit’s Neurofeedback Mobile App allows you to visualize brain activity and train to improve cognitive parameters at home.

Operation principle

BrainBit is an innovative neuro interface that allows registering professional-grade EEG with the best quality available on the market.

The device amplifies and converts the registered signal into digital data and transmits it via Bluetooth LE to the smartphone application.

The user's cumulative success at every moment of time is displayed as a game situation. For example, if the user is getting relaxed, the background sound becomes quieter. The user's goal is to achieve and maintain overall success in a given range of values.

How to use the system

  1. Turn on the BrainBit device and launch the Neurofeedback Mobile App, having installed it on your phone.
  2. Register in the system and select the device.
  3. Once the registration is completed, you need to select a category and a method in the category. Method description will provide full information about the upcoming session, including recommended duration and recommendations to achieve a positive result. The selected method will also contain a list of available games and their description.
  4. After choosing a method, select a game from the available list. If the game is not installed on a mobile device, you will be redirected to the Play Market. If the game is installed, you will proceed with calibrating the device.
  5. The application searches the device and starts registering the signal. Once BrainBit is found, the next step is checking electrode placement. If there is bad or no contact with the skin, a recommendation for applying will pop up. Once the contact is set, the user can continue and proceed to the game.
  6. During the game, the application will collect data on brain activity and change the game accordingly, motivating the user to achieve the training goal.
  7. When the session is over, the user can view statistics and training results.

Who needs Biofeedback training

BrainBit Neurofeedback Mobile mobile app is suitable for both children (over 6 years old) and adults.

Biofeedback methods are intended for both prevention and correction of the following psychoemotional disorders:

  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder);
  • aggression, impulsiveness, inability to focus and adaptation issues among schoolchildren;
  • dyslexia (reading disorder), dysgraphia (writing process disorder) and dyscalculia (inability to learn arithmetics);
  • phobias and social isolation;
  • Asperger syndrome, aggression, neurosis and the development of Tourette's syndrome;
  • insomnia, depression, migraine and chronic headaches;


For healthy people, Biofeedback helps:

  • improve mental state;
  • reduce stress and chronic fatigue;
  • control emotions, increase creativity;
  • improve memory and increase concentration.

Results of psychoemotional correction

  • Increased effectiveness of learning among schoolchildren and students.
  • Increased intellectual activity, creativity and performance under stress and transiency among healthy people.
  • Restored ability to read, spell, and perform arithmetic operations (for example, after a stroke).
  • Improved mental state.