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BrainBit EEG Waves –
brainwave monitor

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EEG Waves is Neuro interface software, which is a solution for controlling brain activity and objective access to a person's emotional state.

EEG waves records brain biorhythms and is interpreted with easy-to-understand graphs and diagrams.

In this software, three main biorhythms are analyzed, Alpha (α), Beta (β), and Theta (θ). The ratio between these rhythms reflects a person's emotional state, such as mental stress or tension, relaxed, meditative state, or concentration. It also features hypnosis and a trance state.

Below are pie charts with the percentage ratio of rhythms (alpha, beta, theta) in the same person in different states.

diagramActive state of the brain during a conversation

diagram    A state of deep relaxation during meditation

diagramConcentration during mathematical calculations

EEG Waves works with BrainBit – wireless 4 EEG channels neuroheadset with dry electrodes. This makes the use of this system in practice as comfortable and convenient as possible.

How it works

The basic function of the software is that it displays the parameters that show the emotional state of the person. After installing the software, you can put EEG Waves into operation.