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Meet Brainwave360

BRAINWAVE is a software solution created together with Brainwave360 which helps specialists to monitor brain rhythms flow, evaluate concentration, relaxation and deep, trance-like state of their clients. 

Brainwave360 designed an on-line platform that helps mental health professionals improve their sessions. Cutting-edge technology harnesses and interprets brainwave activity in real-time, providing a tool to optimize and target therapeutic techniques and enhance effectiveness which allows therapists to determine if a client is in a relaxed state. 

In our software, three main biorhythms are analyzed, Alpha (α), Beta (β), and Theta (θ). The ratio between these rhythms reflects a person's emotional state, such as mental stress or tension, relaxed, meditative state, or concentration. For example high alpha together with rising Theta rhythm shows hypnosis and a trance state.

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