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Centiment and BrainBit launch thought-to-screen BrainRap technology with Rap Artists Maino and Arabian Prince

Centiment and Brainbit are jointly launching and starting pre-orders on BrainRap Brainbit

New York City, NY , Dec. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Centiment Capital Holdings, Inc., creator of the BrainRap solution, designed for top-tier record labels and musicians, Centiment.io and Filmfundr, as well as a number of other machine learning technologies in the field of neuroscience and advertising, has announced a partnership with Silicon Valley and NYC-based tech company, BrainBit, Inc, which specializes in smart wearable IoT devices for sport, wellness and entertainment applications.

Centiment and Brainbit are jointly launching and starting pre-orders on BrainRap Brainbit – an EEG-enabled headband designed to help all musicians, and particularly rap artists, write songs directly from thought to screen by thinking lyrics and watching them appear.

«Designed to help artists keep control of their music, distribute and profit independently from it, BrainRap offers a proprietary algorithm for writing songs through brain signals, while BrainBit provides a medical quality EEG headband. This is a massive step forward in the fields of human-computer interaction, brain-computer interaction, neuroscience and healthcare. This technology is especially crucial in an age when all artists, but particularly artists of color are being taken advantage of,» said Centiment Capital Holdings CEO & Founder, award-winning neuroscientist and musician, Micah Brown.

BrainBit’s advisor Valeri Melekhov adds, «Our partnership with BrainRap could open a new and highly desirable market for BrainBit - the music industry. We have enhanced our headband with unique software developed by Centiment Capital Holdings to offer musicians a highly advanced product not available anywhere else.»

In partnership with the Manhattan Center, a number of high-profile celebrity rap artists are using BrainRap to record new songs via BrainRap Records, the record label arm of Centiment Capital Holdings. The first artists to be announced as faces of the new technology are Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated artist and budding tech entrepreneur Maino, and founding member of NWA, the legendary group that shaped the founding of hip hop, Arabian Prince.

About Centiment Capital Holdings (BrainRap)

Centiment Capital is the only VC fund in the US focused on investing in deep tech-driven neurodata companies working to solve problems in the field of artificial intelligence and utilizing neuroscience driven tools. Centiment Capital’s BrainRap was launched with the express purpose of helping artists of color. The technology debuted at MIT Media Lab AR In Action conference, and subsequently claimed a historical win in the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon in 2019.

About BrainBit

BrainBit, Inc specializes in portable, smart wearable IoT devices for prolonged wear and individual use for sport, e-sports, gaming, wellness and entertainment applications. BrainBit was founded by a team of scientists and engineers that have been developing professional medical equipment for over 25 years. Monitoring brain activity with BrainBit on a daily basis allows for enhancing routine and building a more complete healthy lifestyle.

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