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Meet new games and updates in the BrainBit Neurofeedback app!

BrainBit Neurofeedback App Update

This time we updated our mobile application for training the BrainBit Neurofeedback app, which is compatible with MINDO or BrainBit Headband. Easy to use and so effective.

What’s new?

  1. Find two new games created and developed by our specialists for training concentration «Find a difference» and «Find a special».
  2. Added instructions for pairing MINDO.
  3. General improvements and bug fixes.

Now the application has become more user friendly, convenient and interesting. We showed step by step how to properly connect MINDO to the phone, eliminating this problem in the bud. No more wracking your head and getting frustrated. From now on, everything is easy and simple!

Try, train, improve yourself, fight, rejoice, relax, concentrate and stay with MINDO. Stay with BrainBit.

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