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BrainBit breaks new limits!

BrainBit helps you develop and hone your artistic and creative talents. Together, technology and people are evolving, and man and machine collaboration is growing in popularity. The brand-new solution boosts and develops excellence in digital art. You can now use your mind's power to make art. By reading and transforming brain biopotentials with our device, BrainBit translating ideas into works of art. Extremely refreshing and cool! Discover your capabilities by using your brain to the fullest extent possible.

Art and the brain are very closely connected. The activity and work of the brain directly depend on our condition, the feelings that we experience. Art is not a direct way to change your thinking or change yourself, but rather a way to see and express yourself. In other words, it is a way to see our inner world - our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings and emotions, our loves and dislikes. This is exactly the possibility that EEG art seeks to provide by showing us the patterns created by our brain's electrical signals when they are triggered by an event or feeling.

Create without limits with BrainBit!

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