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BrainBit App in the App Store

BrainBit App in the App Store

Dear All, BrainBit app is now available to download in the App store!

We are happy to announce that BrainBit demo app is live not only in Google Play but also in the App store

The app is free, and it helps you to see and understand what is going on inside the brain: enhance your meditation practice with brain insight, train focus, play with your mind!


With BrainBit app, you can:

  • Get your real-time EEG brainwave data;
  • Monitor and control your current functional state (relaxation, concentration, normal);
  • Meditate and watch your meditation level (we have 3 levels of meditation) (demo);
  • Analyze the stages and quality of your sleep (currently in demo mode).



  • Signal monitoring through 4 brainwaves (α, β, θ, δ);
  • Brain heatmapping for real-time activity tracking;
  • Quantitative indicators (brain signals are converted to numbers);
  • Qualitative indicators (the app defines your mind state);
  • Meditation monitoring;
  • Adjustable scale and timespan for signal monitoring;
  • Artifacts detection.


BrainBit free mobile app works in tandem with our BrainBit EEG headband. 

PS: We would appreciate your feedback on BrainBit — it will help us to improve the app.

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